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Phone stuff

My T-Mobile contract is almost up. Despite the relatively shitty network (Verizon's is the best, let's face it), I'm thinking of signing up with them again. They offer free tethering, and the Android OS on their phones is basic, simple and not bogged down with proprietary UI bullshit, like Verizon and ATT love to do. Also Verizon and ATT just seem a little bit more evil.

So I'm thinking of this, the HTC G2:

It's only 800 Mhz, but they say you don't need a Ghz. Clock speed is not everything, and also camera MP is DEFINITELY not everything (this has 5). Also HTC is great.

My other choice is to stay on a month to month, keep my current Nexus One (which I ADORE) for as long as I can, and see what the best phone is on whatever network. It probably won't be ATT, they're not too big on Android, and I've never been too excited with Sprint, so it will probably be on Verizon or T-Mobile.

And I will never get an iPhone...... well, probably never.